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Anthem Live Music Series: Oklahoma Uprising EP Release

  • Anthem Brewing Company 908 Southwest 4th Street Oklahoma City, OK, 73109 United States (map)


Join Joel T. Mosman & Oklahoma Uprising for their Bridges & Borderlines EP release party at Anthem Brewing! It's going to be a party from 3pm to 9pm with St. Paddy Wagon’s food truck, Anthem’s craft beer brewed on site, special guest appearances from various local talent, merchandise giveaways, and of course music by Joel T. Mosman & Oklahoma Uprising and SPECIAL GUESTS! Pay what you want for admission and support your local music scene!

Line Up:

3-330pm: Caleb Robertson
330-4pm: Joel T. Mosman (solo)

St. Paddy Wagon’s Food Truck (6pm), Miscellaneous Performers, talk at each other

730-9pm: OKLAHOMA UPRISING (6 piece band with Scott Hunt, Scott Carson, and Nick Lyon)

Anthem was founded by brewer Matt Anthony, with a burning passion to create World Class beers that blur the line between the Old World and the New. Our beers are our Anthem to the world.

Bridges & Borderlines is about the borders that divide and the bridges that connect us all. 

“We had been sending tracks back and forth over email for years. I would throw down a guitar part at the T. Hodge Lodge and send it to Zach. He would add drums, percussion, and other instruments at his home studio and send it back. At first we were just messing around, we didn't even have a gigging band, but in 2016 we decided to make something of the recordings..

With Zach on the drums and me singing and playing guitar we then added Travis Lyon of the Dead Armadillos on bass. The three of us already had chemistry from a previous band we had played with. After we had the band locked in we started getting serious about producing some music to put out to the world and getting back on stage. We outlined what songs we liked the best and continued our tradition of emailing tracks back and forth, this time with a bigger goal in mind. All the lyrics were written by myself and/or Zach with the exception of Ain’t Living which was co-written by me and JD Smith of the band Rugged Grace, and a traditional standard that is on my solo release.

For Travis’s bass parts, he would drive to Zach’s home studio in Ark City, KS. I continued to spend time with my old friend Travis Hodge at the T. Hodge Lodge in Shawnee, OK to do most of my parts. I would crash on the couch and we would wake up early and do sessions. A lot of these sessions are where I got the recordings for my solo release Lodge Sessions as well. 

I feel right at home at the T. Hodge Lodge. Not only did I used to live there but I've been hanging around there since 1999 when Travis and I became bad influences on each other. Together, we went from writing cheesy songs on a Washburn guitar to recording them through a cheap Radio Shack microphone. Since the amateur days, Travis and his dad Randy Hodge (Papa Hodge) have invested a tremendous amount of time and money to become a state of the art, incorporated, professional recording studio complete with 5 rooms, pianos, organs, and an entire room wall-to-wall with amps and guitars. The high quality sound in the recordings are a testament to the wide selection of gear he keeps on hand, not to mention his skill as a tenured engineer. 

With the trio together and high tech recording gear at our fingertips we decided to contact some salty musicians to add some spice to the songs. The first pick was a no-brainer. Bryon White of the Damn Quails was a good friend of ours and we had made lots of music in the past. When I was younger, he kind of took me under his wing as a songwriter and musician. Bryon did most of the lead guitar on the songs as well as Brent Krueger. 

I was introduced to Scott Hunt at a gig in Oklahoma City with my friend and fellow music maker Buffalo Rogers but not before performing a few songs with Hunt on stage. Scott Hunt is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met not to mention one of the most multi-talented musicians on the scene. We were thrilled when he agreed to work on the songs. Hunt put down fiddle, mandolin, dobro, and banjo parts for the songs. 

We could have kept the songs like they were with the talent that had already worked on them but when we added Brett Gilbert on the keys and my sister Hannah Mosman on background vocals it really added another dimension to the music. 

After we had all the parts down for the songs, Hodge and I glued ourselves to his computer for days to get all the parts edited, mixed, and ready for mastering. Hodge made me leave the room so he could do whatever secret magic he does to really make them shine. (He says it’s a family secret only the dog knows, and he’s not telling anyone)

Some finishing touches and BA-DA-BING we have a collection of songs to release to our friends, family, and fans. We decided to release them as a series of EPs to have a steady stream of new music, and kind of categorize them thematically. The single Armed & Dangerous May 26th, 2017, Bridges & Borderlines EP June 24th, 2017, my solo EP Lodge Sessions September 15th, 2017, and finally Valley of the Wolves November 11th, 2017. 

I have a hard time writing anything about the music making process without thanking all the kind people that have helped us out along the way. Our families who take care of our duties while we’re making music, the people who volunteer to help out at shows loading and unloading, shooting video and just showing up to support us. We have had an overwhelming response to our music and we are truly grateful!”

-Joel T. Mosman

A Little About Oklahoma Uprising…

“You can talk about politics or righteousness but what are you going to do about it? The channel is all you're going to change watching TV screens.” -Joel T. (Oklahoma Uprising)

Oklahoma Uprising is a roots rock band led by Oklahoma songwriter Joel T. Mosman. Their songs cover themes from comeuppance to community, and other issues by way of allegorical storytelling. Oklahoma Uprising is a musical movement for our Oklahoma.

Mosman has appeared for TV and radio performances for the Rise & Shine Morning Show on Freedom 43, Oklahoma Rodeo Opry, Lakes Country 102.1FM, and The WAFTI show. Mosman and his band have supported bands including The Damn Quails, Travis Linville,The Dirty River Boys, Frontier Ruckus, and Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy.

During the Summer/Fall of 2017, Mosman and his band will be releasing a series of EPs that represent their catalogue of studio recordings. The first single Armed & Dangerous is a ballad about a family legacy of standing up to injustice. “It was inspired by a story my Mom told me about my grandpa.” Mosman said. “I took a few pieces of the story and just made up the rest.” Armed & Dangerous will be released May 26th, 2017 followed by their EP Bridges & Borderlines on June 24th, Mosman’s solo EP on September 15th, and the second Oklahoma Uprising EP Valley of the Wolves in November. 

All songs were produced at the T. Hodge Lodge Studio in Shawnee, Oklahoma and at the home of the band's drummer Zach Wiederstein. “When we started the band, I just wanted to make good music. As the songs began to reveal themselves, I realized that a lot of them were about my struggle to become a better person… and how I’m always failing at it!”

The releases started as a series of songs emailed back and forth between Wiederstein and Mosman. “I would have an idea and send it to Zach. A couple days later he would put some drums on it a send it back my way.” Mosman said. “Pretty soon, we had so many tracks we didn’t know what to do with them. So we polished them up and decided to release them.”

“I can't stay dedicated to a single genre” Mosman said in a radio interview on Lakes Country 102.1FM. The genres on the songs move from rock to folk, to blues, and even bluegrass. John Souders of The WAFTI SHOW describes the song Talking Oklahoma Blues as a “Woody-Guthrie-Bob-Dylan-esque ditty...which follows the trials and tribulations of a man whose home is wiped out by a tornado and ultimately winds up finding himself in jail.” The song Being Meat follows a bluesier feel, playing with different metaphors of a struggling underdog. As Evan Jarvicks of Cellar Door Music Group puts it: “a fun little idea that concludes with ‘It's hard bein' me’ in the final verse, adding a slight gravity to the concept without being the least bit dramatic about it.” Other songs include Get Up which is an arousing rock tune meant to inspire the listener to not just “talk about love...hate...change” but to “Get up!” and DO something about it. 

In addition to fronting the band, Mosman is a freelance writer, video blogger, promoter, and associate at T. Hodge Lodge, Inc. (Stage and studio production). He is also family and community oriented and an active citizen who maintains a line of communication with legislators, and other community leaders. 

Zach Wiederstein, the band’s drummer, percussionist, and songwriter, was born and raised in Shattuck, OK. Zach is a physical education teacher and football coach. Travis Lyon, the band’s bass player, is a father, math teacher, basketball coach and adjunct professor from Cherokee, OK. Wiederstein and Lyon met Mosman in 2007 while playing in a Red Dirt Country band when Mosman joined as a guitar player. “I was always really happy they let me tag along with them” Mosman said “I’ve always looked up to them musically. They're just all around good dudes!” The band eventually parted ways but Wiederstein and Mosman continued to make music until 2016 when they invited Lyon to join them again to form the band ‘Oklahoma Uprising’. (In addition to the trio, there are many other performers that sit in regularly)

Oklahoma Uprising prides themselves on being a versatile, professional band that is easy to work with. Mosman is available for solo performances, or as the frontman for a three, four, or five piece band. They tailor their music to fit whatever venue or environment they are playing. Their musical spectrum includes Americana, Singer-Songwriter, Roots Rock, Folk, Blues, and Alternative Country. Oklahoma Uprising has been described as ‘Woody Guthrie with a rock band’. Songwriting influences include Sturgill Simpson, Tom Waits, and Gillian Welch. Musical influences include the Drive-By-Truckers, The Band, and Reckless Kelly. 

“If it seems like the song was a no-brainer to write and perform, that's a testament to the casual performances, which gloss over the high level of artistry that is actually present here.” -Evan Jarvicks, Cellar Door Music Group

“...a band fronted by the town's own ‘Woody Guthrie troubadour’” -Justin Fortney, Red Brick Nights

“Their love of Oklahoma culture and values fuels their involvement with their fans, students and the people on the fringes.” -Tahlequah Daily Press

“Events of the last few years inspired him to form a band, Oklahoma Uprising, and write a song he calls "Talkin' Oklahoma Blues". Joel performs this Woody-Guthrie-Bob-Dylan-esque ditty for us in the Tower Studio, which follows the trials and tribulations of a man whose home is wiped out by a tornado and ultimately winds up finding himself in jail.” -John Souders, WAFTI SHOW

Oklahoma Uprising: Oklahoma Music. Oklahoma Community. Oklahoma Spirit.

For music, videos, merchandise, show schedule, news and blogs, join the Oklahoma Uprising at!

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